Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fuzzy Christmas 2010!

Sedrick woke-up today and noticed something shiny from downstairs, so Sedrick went to go snuffle downstairs and guess what Sedrick found? Christmas!

Sedrick saw lots of sparklies and lights! This made Sedrick really happy, as Sedrick realised that this means he will get presents (Because he has been a good ampeater hehehe!).

Before presents time, Sedrick wanted to find more lights!

Sedrick first of all found white lights....He found green lights (With the help of Quatchi!)Sedrick even found red lights, which looked tasty because they looked like ants hehe!
There were even lights shaped like Sedrick, hehehe!

Sedrick only has two more sleeps until he can open his present from under the tree. Sedrick is very excited and can't wait to see what big fuzzy Santa has brought him!

Merry Fuzzy Christmas hehehe!
(Sedrick used colours because he is a clever ampeater!)

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