Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sedrick is a hungry anteater

Yes it's me, Sedrick! How did you know? Hehehehe.
Ok it is time for Sedrick to have an adventure. Today Sedrick will tell you about the adventure he had when he built a robot ant! It is very exciting and Sedrick knows there is lots of technology involved, so it is time to get started!

Sedrick has a look at the box. That is a robot ant! Sedrick is very excited!

Sedrick knows that the most important thing to do when using unfamiliar robot ant technology is to read the instructions! Sedrick has had a look at the instructions, and knows what he is doing! But Sedrick keeps getting distracted by one word (the word that Sedrick keeps getting distracted by is Ant).

Sedrick is very good at building technology! Where does this bit go?

Hehehehe Sedrick will show you an anteater-eye-view of the technology

Sedrick is all done! Sedrick does not know if he should play with his technology or eat it! He does not think it will taste very good so he will just play with it for now.

Ok bye bye!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sedrick and his friends!

Sedrick would like to be a serious ampeater for a moment, as he was told by big fuzzy today that Monty the Sloth was not feeling very well. Sedrick didn't feel very happy when he was told this. But big fuzzy told Sedrick to be happy because it means that Monty will get many hugs! Look at Monty smiling!
Boris the Bear and Francis the Okapi made sure Monty was ok and made him a happy sloth.Sedrick found out that Monty had ripped a thread :(But do not get upset by Sedricks blog! Sedrick would not like to make any fuzzy or non-fuzzies unhappy! It is ok because Monty was stitched together by a talented big fuzzy, the other big fuzzy in the house Sedrick lives in hehehe.
So do not worry about Monty he is ok and getting many hugs! Write him letters and technology mails to make him feel better!

Sedrick has also had many other fuzzy visitors, other fuzzies from another house. Their big fuzzies did not want them anymore, so Sedrick has been told they will be adopted by his big fuzzy and staying in his house. This is good because it means Sedrick can have many parties! Here is Sedrick with his new friends!Sedrick has many fuzzy friends and is getting many hugs hehehehe. Sedrick is also excited because he is going on a journey in a BEEP BEEP to see Mozzt (the panda), Sedrick may drive the BEEP BEEP, wheeeee!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sedrick has celebrated things!

Hello! Sedrick has been busy celebrating one of the big fuzzies birthdays! I decided it would be best to hide big fuzzies (Shorter hair fuzzy) present in pretty paper, that way Sedrick will make a big surprise! Hehehe! Here is Sedrick sticking it together with sticky schtuff, I am using my nose hehehe.

Sedrick did it! He is a clever ampeater, using his little claws hehehe.Sedrick thinks it would be best to make sure big fuzzy will know it is from him with Sedricks favourite word(Next to sedrick).Sedrick wanted to make himself comfortable in his transport box to the big birthday fuzzies house. Sedrick fell asleep all the way there!Sedrick woke-up with a new hat! Sedrick thinks that Mozzy may have had something to do with this new hat, Mozzy is learning how to be a mischievious panda, he is taking after Sedrick.Mozzy wanted to show me something the big fuzzies call "money", Sedrick was confused and just wanted to show his bottom to the camera hehehehe! Sedrick is very mischevious!Me andMozzy smelt something tasty coming from downstairs where the big fuzzies were, so we went to investigate. We found food! But it was not ants or bamboo. Something called "melon bread" (Sedrick does not know what a melon is). Sedrick also got many hugs while he was away, Sedrick likes hugs. Sedrick had loads of fuzzy fun! He will be seing Mozzy again soon, Mozzy said something about seeing his family too, Sedrick is excited as it involves adventures hehehe. Wheeeee! Now Sedrick is hungry and wants some ants....

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sedrick has been a busy ampeater!


Sedrick is very sorry for his late ampeater update, he has been a very busy fuzzy. Sedrick's technology has not been very well, Sedrick heard things to do with a virus, he did not want to catch a cold so he stayed away! While Sedrick has been away, Sedrick has found interesting things, let me show them to you hehehe.

First Sedrick was shown by big fuzzy a piece of technology!
This got Sedrick very excited, a REAL piece of technology! It looked like it was made from silver ants hehehehe! Sedrick thought he should not eat them though, because they would taste very nice.

Sedrick also had fuzzy visitors to stay. They came in strange boxes! Sedrick thought they maybe aliens!

Sedrick finally managed to see one of the strange visitors, it was also a fuzzy! They liked to sleep alot, like Sedrick too!
They also ate ants, like Sedrick hehehe!SEDRICK FINDINGS NUMBER 3.
Sedrick woke-up to find lots of white stuff outside! Sedrick wasn't sure what this stuff was, but he wanted to find out. He is a curious ampeater after all hehehe.

Sedrick was very chilly! He saw the white stuff falling from the sky onto Sedrick's fuzz. Sedrick was very chilly now the white stuff was on him. Sedrick was joined by big fuzzy and she told him that is was called "snow". SNOW.

Sedrick tried to look closer to find out what snow was made from. He even tasted some hehehehe! It did not taste of anything, Sedrick does not suggest snow as a tasty snack.

Sedrick put his feeties in the snow and made a feetie print hehehe, look at his little feeties covered in snow!

Sedrick was very chilly after his feeties were all covered in snow, so Sedrick went back inside to get toasty again.

Sedrick wanted his feeties to be warm again too!Sedrick has had some very interesting adventures, he even went to see his friend Mozzy. But Sedrick has no pictures, Sedrick promises to get pictures next time!

Now Sedrick is hungry for ants! Wheeeee foodtime for Sedrick ^_^

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Technology Review #5 - Electric Blanket



Brrrrr Sedrick is cold! I bet if Sedrick is cold, then other ampeaters and fuzzies will too be brrrr. So Sedrick has found an answer! A new technology that makes your beds toasty (Which makes Sedrick's feeties toasty! hehehe), an electric blanket!

Sedrick first has to find the blanket....

So he follows the technology wire......

To find the "controls". Sedrick is a strong ampeater, so little fuzzies (Like Rico) should get a bigger fuzzy (Like Mozzy) to help with fetching the control.

Now Sedrick has the control which can let Sedrick turn the electric blanket on. Hehehe!

Sedrick will point out with his tongue (hehehe) the dials, that have heat numbers on.

Sedrick wants number three heat, so sedrick will now turn it to number three. On for each of his feeties and one for his fuzzy body. Hehehe!

Sedrick now knows the electric blanket is on, because sedrick can see the light!

Now all that is left for Sedrick to do is to test drive the toastiness.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............ toasty feeties.........zzzzzzzzzzzzz