Monday, 23 February 2009

Sedrick has been a busy ampeater!


Sedrick is very sorry for his late ampeater update, he has been a very busy fuzzy. Sedrick's technology has not been very well, Sedrick heard things to do with a virus, he did not want to catch a cold so he stayed away! While Sedrick has been away, Sedrick has found interesting things, let me show them to you hehehe.

First Sedrick was shown by big fuzzy a piece of technology!
This got Sedrick very excited, a REAL piece of technology! It looked like it was made from silver ants hehehehe! Sedrick thought he should not eat them though, because they would taste very nice.

Sedrick also had fuzzy visitors to stay. They came in strange boxes! Sedrick thought they maybe aliens!

Sedrick finally managed to see one of the strange visitors, it was also a fuzzy! They liked to sleep alot, like Sedrick too!
They also ate ants, like Sedrick hehehe!SEDRICK FINDINGS NUMBER 3.
Sedrick woke-up to find lots of white stuff outside! Sedrick wasn't sure what this stuff was, but he wanted to find out. He is a curious ampeater after all hehehe.

Sedrick was very chilly! He saw the white stuff falling from the sky onto Sedrick's fuzz. Sedrick was very chilly now the white stuff was on him. Sedrick was joined by big fuzzy and she told him that is was called "snow". SNOW.

Sedrick tried to look closer to find out what snow was made from. He even tasted some hehehehe! It did not taste of anything, Sedrick does not suggest snow as a tasty snack.

Sedrick put his feeties in the snow and made a feetie print hehehe, look at his little feeties covered in snow!

Sedrick was very chilly after his feeties were all covered in snow, so Sedrick went back inside to get toasty again.

Sedrick wanted his feeties to be warm again too!Sedrick has had some very interesting adventures, he even went to see his friend Mozzy. But Sedrick has no pictures, Sedrick promises to get pictures next time!

Now Sedrick is hungry for ants! Wheeeee foodtime for Sedrick ^_^