Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Technology Review #6 - Scanning Machine

It's Sedrick here! With some new technologimical news. Sedrick woke-up and saw there was some new technology in his room! The big fuzzy had bought a "scanning machine", Sedrick was very curious about this machine (because he is a very curious ampeater, heehe!)
Here is Sedrick on the SCANNING MACHINE, it is bigger than Sedrick!
While Sedrick was sniffing the SCANNING MACHINE, he saw that the top lifts up. Sedrick was surprised!
Here is Sedrick having a nap inside the machine, lifting SCANNING MACHINES is a very tiring business for a little ampeater.

While Sedrick has a nap, he had his photo taken! Sedrick thinks he looks very fuzzy!


Friday, 19 November 2010

Sedrick is back!

Hello! It's your favourite ampeater here, here to say sorry! Sedrick has not filled in his journal about his daily sniffings and amp eating for a long time, so Sedrick is really, really, really, really sorry.

To make it up to you, Sedrick has a present. That is right, a present! Let Sedrick show you, hehehe!

Sedrick has brought COOKIES. Hehehe! Sedrick is an intelligent ampeater and knows that all big fuzzies (and ampeaters!) like cookies.

Sedrick is now going to tell you how he made the cookies, all by his little ampeater self! (because he is an intelligent ampeater, hehehehe!)First Sedrick opened the packet with his little ampeater tongue. Do not eat the packet!

Sedrick remembered to set the oven to the right heat, too hot for his feeties though!

Sedrick got the cookies out the packet, BUT THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE COOKIES. Don't be a scared ampeater, they are just not cooked yet, hehehe!

Sedrick had to chop them into pieces, using a kitchen thingy.

They looked like this! Sedrick tasted them, but Sedrick would not tell other fuzzies to do this!

Sedrick rolled it into a ball with his little claws!

Sedrick did this will ALL the of cookie bits, here is Sedrick infront of them all, hehehe!

Sedrick put the cookies in the oven for ten fuzzy minutes. Sedrick read a paper about other fuzzies while they cooked!

Sedrick also got hugs! hehehe! Sedrick likes hugs!

Sedrick remembered it was time for the cookies! Sedrick was excited because Sedrick could smell the tasty cookies with his nose. They look just like cookies!

Here is a close-up of the cookie, with my little feeties too (they are very little!) The cookies were very tasty! NOM NOM NOM.

Here is a picture of Sedrick with his friend Mozzy the panda and Sedrick's new housemate Quatchi (he is the one with a big face....the other one that isn't Mozzy), he is from Canada and like green things!

Sedrick will update more from now on, because Sedrick is a good ampeater!