Friday, 1 April 2011

Sedrick Has Woken Up!

Hello! Sedrick is here, hehe! Sedrick has been hibernating, I am sure many fuzzies will tell you that ampeaters don't usually hibernate, but Sedrick is a special ampeater who sleeps a lot!

While Sedrick has been sleeping (And having many hugs hehe!) he has big news to share! What could it be? Sedrick found out that the big fuzzies are moving away, Sedrick got a little bit sad as he thought he wasn't allowed to come along, but the big fuzzies told me that I was coming to! Sedrick is very excited as he might be moving to oztralia to see the giraffes!

Here is a picture drawn by Sedrick with his little claws of a giraffe.

Sedrick was told by the big fuzzies that he was not moving to ozstralia, but he was moving to Japan! Sedrick did not know what this means, so he decided to investigate.
The big fuzzies had books about Japan....

So Sedrick, being an intelligent ampeater read some books (because he is intelligent!).

Big fuzzy told me we are moving to a place in Japan called Yoookooohama.

Sedrick was excited as there will be plenty of new places for him to snuffle around and plenty of new technologies to discover!
Sedrick was also told that they talk different in Japan, they don't speak ampeater like us! They speak Japanese. Sedrick wanted to know the important words so he can show off to the other ampeaters there!

Sedrick was tired out from all the new learnings, so he took a nap somewhere comfy!


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